What we are looking for:

  • Projects whereby we can add value and that result in management consulting contract services for Wolf & Croft Partners Limited.
  • Projects that we can directly or indirectly secure investment funds for through equity, debt, or securities agreements
  • Projects specifically in Cuba that would add synergy to our existing activities.

What we are not involved in or do not normally do:

  • Projects whereby we cannot add value or that are overly dependent on 3 rd party content.
  • Projects dependent on R&D, newly developed technology, advanced development in IT hardware or software, high-tech start-ups, information systems, or projects overly dependent on specialised technology or engineering.
  • Projects that not adequately capitalised or are unlikely to attract capital, including small projects that need “micro-capital” or requiring “crowd-funding”.
  • Projects that are required to sell real estate only without any business operations.
  • Projects that are outside of our current geographic area of activity.
  • Projects that are illegal, or could be viewed at our discretion as unethical or immoral.

Previous Projects:

  • Tourism infrastructure and related property development (recreational developments, ski resort, golf courses, villas, marinas, sport fishing operations and lodge)
  • Property management of luxury estates and villas
  • Distribution and logistics of FMCG and established consumer products
  • Oil & gas development (upstream and downstream investments)
  • Textiles manufacturing, distribution, marketing, exports
  • Motorsports, recreational products, boats at OEM, wholesale, and retail/dealership level
  • Market-entry for global branded and multi-national companies in established and emerging markets
  • Manufacturing of engineered products

Current Projects:

  • USA general Management Consulting activities (varied)
  • USA divestment of accommodation/gaming operations and historic properties
  • European property development
  • Central American resort requiring succession planning, business development, project management, construction and marketing
  • Caribbean resort requiring shareholder divestment and new investment
  • Cuba tourism infrastructure upgrade and re-development marketing to new markets in USA and Canada
  • Cuba evaluation of import and distribution investment opportunities
  • Cuba market entry for motorcycle manufacturers
  • Cuba feasibility study for enhanced sport-fishing business opportunities
  • Cuba development of centre for animal protection, shelter, and medical assistance
  • Cuba specialised client marketing and promotions featuring product/brand-bundling