The Principals of Wolf & Croft are experienced professionals who have direct successful entrepreneurial successes over a broad range of industry segments and business issues. We ourselves have made direct investments in private equity ventures and portfolio. We understand risk and return and will match up appropriate projects for each investor expectation or business interest and risk profile.

  • Once we have vetted a specific potential opportunity in accordance with our stringent investment standards and criteria, we will prepare an Investment Overview Summary to be distributed on a confidential basis to qualified investors registered in our data base in accordance with criteria and area of interest provided by the investor.
  • We are receptive to investor enquiries for a specific type of investment and will assess level of interest. We have no problem to say “this is not a fit” to an investor or to a project that does not meet our project scrutiny criteria and investor comfort.
  • Wolf & Croft will act for clients that are individual investors, groups of investors, syndicates, or Investment Funds.
  • We will undertake projects requiring larger capital amounts and will manage it over several rounds of financing. We are experienced in managing high growth projects that have resulted in successful IPO’s.
  • We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to make direct equity investments in any investments that we manage. Our investors can have confidence that we will remain with investment projects, always in a key advisory or management role, as key Management, Director, or as a Shareholder as appropriate.
  • We welcome any enquiry from qualified parties with an interest to participate in Cuba Projects and Investments.