Target Client Groups:

  • Business Owners/Shareholders – small to medium sized businesses needing solutions to conventional business problems, foreign corporations requiring assistance in Cuba.
  • Investors – qualified parties interested in attractive medium to long term investment opportunities in Cuba, or property development/tourism infrastructure opportunities in the region.


  • We operate and have company representation in the United Kingdom, European Union, and North America (with focus on Canada, USA, Central America, Caribbean, and Cuba).
  • We are comfortable to undertake client activity in the key markets that we are active in or whereby we have proven experience.

Cuba Focus:

The company now has a subsidiary office in Havana, Cuba.

  • We will be undertaking Venture Capital due diligence on behalf of potential foreign investors/fund managers that share an interest in Government of Cuba State Privatisation/Joint Venture/Contract projects. We have extensive experience in state-controlled emerging economies that are in transition. We are able to offer a PPP project approach (Public Private Partnerships).
  • We are active with various Government of Cuba State Ministries for development of commercial agreements involving state assets and projects of interest within the tourism infrastructure, distribution and logistics, and manufacturing sectors of the Cuban economy.
  • We will be offering investment opportunities to individuals and investment funds for all levels of investment in Cuba.
  • We are able to offer early-stage advice for potential foreign investors interested in Cuban opportunities or foreign companies intending to enter the Cuba market.

How it Works:

  • You contact our firm with a request to solve a business problem you are experiencing or an investment interest that you have.
  • You provide us with some basic information about your company or business situation – if necessary we will provide a form for you to complete.
  • We will follow-up with a telephone or electronic contact to provide an initial assessment discussion at no cost or obligation.
  • After the above discussion, under agreed circumstances, we will undertake a preliminary situational analysis and determination of needs. At this point we will indicate our willingness to proceed towards a formal proposal for services. Occasionally some projects are not a fit and we would endeavour to outline this as soon as possible.
  • Our company and the client would discuss and reach a Mandate or Commercial Agreement to outline terms of engagement which can include dimensions sized for most budgets and situations. Projects will vary and can include our involvement by any or all of the following : hourly/daily rate, monthly retainers, authorised expenses, lump-sum completion fees, and contingency or success fees/bonus milestones. We are very flexible to accommodate client’s needs and abilities.